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512GB Plug-n-Play Lightgun drive (Blamcon, Sinden, GUN4IR, Aimtrack, RetroShooter and more!)

512GB Plug-n-Play Lightgun drive (Blamcon, Sinden, GUN4IR, Aimtrack, RetroShooter and more!)

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The ultimate plug-n-play lightgun drive! Built around the best lightgun games with custom video shaders to bring 4k clarity and resolution to all the old school games you remember and probably never discovered!

Check out the full video demonstration here!

270+ Lightgun games supported with new ones added all the time!

Here is a list of items the light gun drive is configured for as well:

This drive includes a custom software utility I developed which AUTO CONFIGURES all the emulators for all the popular lightguns! Blamcon, GUN4IR, Sinden, Retroshooter, Aimtrack and Arcade Europe, plug it in, and emulators will automatically be configured for your chosen lightgun!

Requires a Windows 10 (preferrablly 11) PC, 10th Generation Intel CPU or better and an Nvidia GTX 1650, 2000 series or anything in the RTX series GPU. The drive comes on an external 512GB NVME SSD that plugs into your PC via USB. These are ultra high quality SSD drives developed by

Based on the popular Launchbox/BigBox front end so you can customize and add your own games.

SETUP - Included are a folder of software drivers to install required by the emulators running the games. There are also videos showing you how to calibrate your lightguns, but no other setup is required!

** Disclaimers **

The drive includes a pre econfigured version of Launchbox/BigBox, but a Launchbox Premium license is required to run in "BigBox" mode which can be purchased separately at:

There are many included platforms on the drive, including Teknoparrot. Some games in the Teknoparrot category require a Teknoparrot serial number to unlock. A teknoparrot license can be purchased separately at

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